Second ACITES Network meeting

The second ACITES Network meeting will be held on Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd December 2013, with the ACITES Emerging Scientist meeting on the following day, Wednesday 4th December. Both meetings will be at the Royal York Hotel (next to the York railway station).

Network meeting:

The two days will consist of presentations, poster session and a trip into York. Prof. Daniel Jacob from Harvard University, Cambridge, MA will be the keynote speaker. There will be a session on depositional and transport processes relevant for Atmospheric Chemistry in Earth System Models. There will be a short open session for presentations from the community.


Support for international model comparison meetings

As part of the ACITES network we are going to support individuals to attend the following international model inter-comparison meetings.

The CCMI Meeting in Boulder in May 2013 ( and the AEROCOM meeting in Hamburg in September 2013 (

The ACITES funding to support these meetings is relatively small, needs to be spent over the whole lifetime of the projects and there will more people wanting support than we can support. So we will try to

i) Maximize the number of UK institutions represented

ii) Give preference to people who have serious plans to, and if appropriate a history of, providing leadership to activities within the project (preferably resulting in publications) rather than only providing model data.


iii) Favour 'emerging' scientists

If you would like to be considered for funding to attend one of these meeting please fill in this form:

The closing date for this will be the 14th March. We will have another round of meeting support once we have evaluated how this round has gone and how much money we have left.

2nd International Workshop on BVOC Modelling and Applications

The two-day workshop was held at the UK Met Office in Exeter, UK, on June 10th and 11th 2013 and was organized by the Met Office together with the NERC ACITIES Network programme. The goal of the workshop was to provide a platform for discussion to the national and international BVOC modelling community and communities that apply these models in the fields of atmospheric composition, air quality and Earth system modelling. Model evaluation with respect to observations will also be a key focus.

The workshop consisted of invited presentations covering four key areas:

  • Current status of BVOC emission models including progress since the last workshop
  • BVOC measurements and model evaluation
  • Role of BVOCs in atmospheric composition
  • Role of BVOCs in the Earth system

Each session consisted of a series of invited presentations, followed by an extended discussion. On the second day a plenary session closed the workshop. A poster session on Day 1 and a plenary discussion on Day 2 provided additional opportunities for exchange.

The Workshop should be of interest to students, postdocs and research scientists at all levels. Delegates would be expected from universities, national and international research institutions and government bodies who's focus lies in modelling and/or measurement of BVOC emissions and applications in the field of atmospheric quality and climate/Earth system modelling.

The first ACITES network meeting

The first General Meeting took place at The Royal York Hotel in York in January 2013. Approximately 80 people attended. Click for details.

ACITES Emerging Scientists Network also held their first meeting directly following the General Meeting.