The WRF Tutorials will cover the following areas:

WRF Tutorial: Monday - Thursday

The WRF course consists of lectures and hands-on practical sessions on various components of the WRF modelling system, with emphasis on the functionality and use of the WRF system.

Attendees will need some experience of using linux and an editor.

WRF Workshop: Friday 

The one-day workshop provides a forum for both users and developers to present their work with either the WRF or MPAS modelling system, and to discuss issues related to the model development and applications.

Data Assimilation Tutorial: Saturday 

This tutorial will cover Data Assimilation in WRF and will be taught by experts in the area sharing their experience and practical examples.

The WRFDA tutorial will consist of both lectures and hands-on practical sessions.

The lectures will includes two major parts:

  1. basic theory and data assimilation algorithms for 3DVAR, 4DVAR,and hybrid-EnVar available in WRFDA;
  2. various observations (conventional, satellite, and radar)and associated observation operators used in WRFDA.

The practical sessions will include building the WRFDA system and configuring/running it with different DA options and observations.


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