The NCAS vision is to be a world-leading centre for atmospheric science research.

The mission of the National Centre for Atmospheric Science is to pursue and support internationally leading research and to advance the application of atmospheric science for the benefit of society.
NCAS will:
•    undertake and lead strategic and directed research;
•    provide facilities and education to support atmospheric and wider environmental science;
•    apply expertise and exploit facilities to support business and government;
•    provide NERC with national capability, advice and leadership in atmospheric science.

Management Board
NCAS Executive Director: Professor Stephen Mobbs (based at University of Leeds)
Director of Science (Chemistry): Professor Ally Lewis (based at University of York)
Director of Science (Physics): Professor Geraint Vaughan (based at University of Manchester)
Director of Science (Climate): Professor Rowan Sutton (based at University of Reading)
Director of Science and Staff: Professor Lesley Gray (based at University of Oxford)

Science Themes
Air Pollution Theme Leader: Dr Sarah Moller (based at University of York)
Climate and High-Impact Weather Leader: Professor Len Shaffrey (based at University of Reading)
Long-Term Global Change Leader: Dr Till Kuhlbrodt (based at University of Reading)

Services and Facilities
Head of the Centre for Environmental Data Analysis: Dr Victoria Bennett
Head of Computer Modelling Services: Dr Grenville Lister
Head of the Atmospheric Measurement Facility: Dr Barbara Brooks
Head of the Facility for Airborne Atmospheric Measurements: Mr Alan Woolley
Head of NFARR: Dr Chris Walden (Head of CFARR) & Dr David Hooper (Head of MSTRF)
Models and Data: Professor Bryan Lawrence
Observational Facilities: Professor Geraint Vaughan
Head of EISCAT UK Support: Dr Ian McCrea