The UKCA Theory and Practice Workshop will take place in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Cambridge designed to give users a good understanding of the theory behind the UKCA code, such as aerosol microphysics, dry and wet deposition, and the chemical mechanisms used, as well as teaching how to use the model on MONSooN and ARCHER. The course will help you become familiar with using the various aspects of the UM that relate directly to UKCA.

After attending this course, you will be proficient with the main components of the UKCA model, and be confident in adapting it for your own purposes.

Aspects of the model that will be covered include:

  • Adding new species and reactions
  • Changing and adding emissions
  • Managing output
  • Adding new diagnostics
  • Using different configurations of the aerosol scheme

This year we will update the practical element of the course to Global Atmosphere 7 (GA7) using the Rose GUI and Cylc scheduler, which will be of relevance for those intending to use UKESM1. 

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