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Aerosol Measurement School

This short course in practical aerosol science aims to deliver an introductory understanding of the challenges faced with aerosol measurements. Sampling ambient particles can be extremely challenging and answering a simple question like 'how big is the particle' depends on what instrument was used to measure it. The course will be split between lectures on the theory and application of aerosol measurements and techniques and practical, hands on demonstrations in a laboratory. The goal of the course is to provide a theoretical understanding of aerosol properties, examples of how these properties are measured and hands on experience in aerosol measurements.

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Aerosols Fires ARA 600 x 399
Atmospheric Measurement Summer School

This is 12 day hands-on course for PhD and early career researchers to learn the fundamentals of atmospheric fieldwork on the remote Isle of Arran, Scotland.

Our comprehensive programme will challenge you to:

  • use synoptic charts and other data to give daily weather forecasts
  • profile the atmosphere using radiosondes and surface measurements on a mountain
  • log data and work with instruments in remote locations
  • investigate atmospheric trace gases and aerosols
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How to - Field Guides

AMF are in the process of developing a range of field guides for both its own staff and the wider community:  these will be availble onlne as both webpages, webinars, and downloads. As the guides become availble the links in the list below will become active.If you have any ideas of similar guides that may be of use please let us know: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • How to upload data to CEDA,
  • Effective risk & COSHH assessments,
  • Moving goods around the world,
  • Costing a project,
  • Introduction to GitHub & Jasmin,
  • Problem solve analogue, digital & power electronics issues,
  • Problem solve serial and digital instrument communications issues,
  • NetCDF and CF data standards,
  • Data visualisation,
  • Statistics & Error analysis.