Instrument Insurance: The user is responsible for the cost of insurancing the instrument while on deployment: the insurance cost is £ 800K. The user must respect the fact that the system is a precision instrument that must be treated with great care.

The IS will generally be responsible for the instrument. However, in the event that the user has enough experience to operate the instrument in the absence of the IS, the user will be responsible for the instrument during the deployment. In such situations, a formal agreement is required for insurance purposes.

Public Liability Insurance: The AMF are not liable for any damage or injury arising from the deployment or operation of this instrument when unattended by the IS.

Shipping Expenses: The user is liable for all costs arising from the shipping of the instrument both to and from a deployment.

IS T&S: The user is responsible for coving the travel and subsistence expenses of the IS while attending the instrument.

IS Time: In most circumstances for this instrument the cost of IS time will be charged to the user. This should be discussed with the IS as the project is being planned.

Field deployment: There can be costs with deploying the radar in a suitable location. It may involve renting space, or installing internet and/or power, etc. This is normal and should be discussed of course with the IS as the project is being planned.