The mobile X-band radar cannot be operated without the Instrument Scientist, or without detailed consultation with the Instrument Scientist. This consultation will include detailed Health and Safety requirements. Risk assessments must be written for any new deployment location.  An example manual handling risk assessment is provided below.

In nearly all circumstances the Instrument Scientist and other AMF personnel will be responsible for the deployment and setup of the radar. Any user involved in the deployment must have had prior training and permission from the Instrument Scientist to help.

The public should remain a minimum distance of 30 m from the radar due to exposure to the non-ionising radiation. People with pacemakers are particularly advised to proceed with caution in the vicinity of the radar. If possible a barrier or exclusion zone (e.g. using cones and tape) must be set up at a distance of approximately 30 m around the radar, or if this is not feasible several notices erected at all access points to the site and on approach to the radar. Please refer to the radiation risk assessment below.