A single gas handling system is used to measure CO2 and O2 concurrently in a single contiguous system including both analysers. Air is sampled from an aspirated inlet on the 10 m tower at Weybourne using a diaphragm pump. A two stage drying system is employed and a pressure control interface is used to match the flows of both sample and reference flows upstream of the analyser. All calibrations and outside air measurements are performed against a reference flow of dry cylinder air to improve sensitivity. The CO2 analyser is a Siemens Ultramat 6E non-dispersive infra red (ND-IR) CO2 analyser. After passing through the Siemens CO2 analyser the airstream is analysed for O2 content using an Oxzilla II analyser from Sable Systems that utilises fuel cell technology. The data for both species is reported on the same timestamps.
Manufacturer & Model: Ultramat 6E and Sable Systems Oxzilla II
Instrument Data Archive Name: The instrument name is used in the generation of the file names for the data files that are archived on CEDA. The names used do not always appear logical and this is for historical reasons. This instrument is referred to as: wao-siemens-co2-oxzilla-o2
Applications: Atmospheric measurements of CO2 and O2
KeywordsSiemens, carbon dioxide, Weybourne, CO2, CO2, Oxzilla, oxygen, O2, O2
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