NCAS science and indeed NERC science supported by NCAS, is increasingly dependent on the deployment of the latest technology for observing the atmosphere, on newly emerging modelling approaches and on integrated analysis of data. The NCAS Technology science programme has been established to address the needs of the community.

New sensor technologies promise measurement of a wider range at physical and chemical properties of the atmosphere using lower power and lighter weight instruments. These technological advances enable measurements to be made in more remote locations, for longer periods of time at higher resolution.

NCAS has a well-established tradition of technology development but this has tended to be reactive to immediate demands from individual science projects or NCAS services. The recognition of technology as a crucial under-pinning thematic activity within the NERC strategy 2007-2012, Next Generation Science for Planet Earth, presents NCAS with the opportunity to develop a coherent, integrated and longer term strategy for technology development.

The identification of this as a separate (but inter-dependent) programme reflects the enhanced priority which NCAS now attaches to the activity. The programme will draw upon the established experience and expertise of NCAS scientists and technologists working in partnership with external organisations.