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Folder NCAS Observations Data Forum

York, Tuesday 8 September 2015

The NCAS Research Data Forum was intended to contribute to the development of a short and medium term strategy for handling the archiving and exploiting observational data from NCAS and the wider community at CEDA (formerly known as BADC).

The premise of the forum concerned the tensions between what is necessary to manage and exploit data at scale, and what is wanted by individuals and projects – whether as providers or consumers. Such tensions are exposed at many points in the workflow, but the forum concentrated on three aspects of NCAS’s observational data workflow: archiving and discovery at scale; project requirements; and, visualisation. Accordingly the forum was divided into three sessions: each session consisting of two or three talks to set the scene, and a moderated discussion aimed at establishing some sort of consensus way forward recognising the limitations of resource available – both from NC funding, and from the wider community.

Folder NCAS Policy Forum: Air Quality Research for UK Policy

London, Wednesday 4 May 2016

Air quality is a significant public health issue in the UK and globally which is receiving increased attention from the media, the public and politicians. It is essential that effective mechanisms are developed to ensure that the high quality air pollution research carried out by NERC is appropriately communicated to and informed by Defra who are the government department responsible for this issue. This forum aims to bring together members of the air quality research community and Defra officials to discuss recent advancements, new research, and challenges and evidence gaps in the air quality area. Also to explore opportunities for future collaboration and co-design of research with policy impact. A series of talks will be given on Defra evidence needs and recent policy relevant research, and there will be time for discussion and networking.

Folder NCAS Rainfall Forum

NCAS Rainfall forum, Manchester, 27 July 2012

The purpose of this forum was to bring together representatives of the meteorological and hydrological
community to review current research and seek opportunities to work more closely together in future.
Recommendations will assist the NCAS Weather Director in planning future NCAS work in this area, and
hopefully will allow a community to develop across the two subject areas.

Folder NCAS UKESM Forum

Oxford, 1 December 2015

The UK Earth System Model (UKESM) project is a collaboration between NERC and the Met Office under the auspices of the Joint Weather & Climate Research Programme.  UKESM pools expertise and resources in the development and evaluation of a world-leading Earth System Model, and also aims to grow a community of model users and earth system scientists.  The project started in 2013, and will deliver UKESM1, the first version of the model, which will be used for UK contributions to the next round of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (aka CMIP6).