Terms of Reference

The purpose of the group is to monitor, provide advice and make recommendations to the NCAS Executive Committee on the NCAS strategy, operational management and implementation in relation to all aspects of education and training. The group is responsible for ensuring that appropriate structures are in place through which NCAS can:

  • Manage the delivery of education and training activities;
  • Develop the portfolio of education and training provision;
  • Assure the quality of education and training activities;
  • Identify and disseminate good practice to ensure a continual process of quality enhancement.

through inter alia

  • Monitoring the delivery and resourcing of education and training activities within the NCAS budget allocation;
  • Annually reviewing provision of external education and training activity which is primarily focussed on training for students (both doctoral and masters);
  • Identifying needs for our staff development programme, this aims to support NCAS staff in terms of professional development and to offer advice on opportunities that should be developed/made available to meet these needs;
  • Consulting on education and training issues as appropriate Recommending to the Executive Committee approval of new education and training activities;
  • Developing, monitoring and keeping under review NCAS policy and procedures relating to education and training, reporting and making recommendations to the Executive Committee as appropriate;
  • Monitoring the quality and standard of the NCAS education and training provision;
  • Assuring the quality of opportunities and maintenance of standards for which NCAS has responsibility under any external quality structures and procedures;
  • Identifying, disseminating and implementing good practice;
  • Considering and responding to issues raised by the student representative(s).