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ACSIS The North Atlantic Climate System: Integrated observationS, attribution and prediction

The following tables list the core simulations funded through ACSIS (i.e. WP2) and core simulations not funded by ACSIS but which ACSIS will exploit.

ACSIS funded core simulations

  Model Atm, ocean Resolution Time period Ensemble size Lead Centre(s) Work Package Comments
A1 HadGEM3-GA-UKCA 60 km 1990-2021 1 NCAS 2.1 Nudged simulations for atmospheric composition.

Nested 1 km

2013-2020 20 NCAS 2.1 High resolution aerosol-cloud interaction case studies.
A3 HadGEM3-GA 60 km, 25 km 1950-2050 10 NCAS 2.2 CMIP6 DECK; HiRESMIP.
O1 NEMO-CICE 1/12° 1958-2020 1 NOC 2.3 Historical hindcast.
O2 NEMO-CICE 1/4° 1958-2020 4 NOC/CPOM 2.3 OMIP Historical hindcast.
C1 GC3 60 km, 1/4° 1950-2050 10 NCAS 2.4 CMIP6 HiRESMIP Historical.
C2 HadGEM3-GA-NEMO 25 km, 1/12° 100 years 1 NOC 2.4 Present day control simulation for analysis of internal variability.


Simulations not funded by ACSIS

  Model Resolution Time period Ensemble size Lead Centre(s) Source and WP Comments
C3 UKESM1 100 km, 1° 500 years 10 NCAS


Preindustrial control

C4 UKESM1 100 km, 1° 1850-2050 10 NCAS


CMIP6 Historical
 O3 ASTE and ECCOv4 1/6°, 1° 10 years 1 BAS


Ocean state estimates


60 km, 1/4° 1960-2020 10 MO WP4.1

Decadal hindcasts.

 C6 HadGEM3-GA-GOML 60 km 1950-2050 10 NCAS


Attribution of trends and variability due to solar forcing, aerosols and volcanoes.

Key to Tables

UKESM1 – United Kingdom Earth System Model version 1
GC2/3 – Atmosphere-Ocean-Ice-Land Global Coupled model configuration 2/3
HadGEM3-GA –3rd Hadley Centre Global Environment model - Global Atmosphere configuration
UKCA – Atmospheric Chemistry model
GLOMAP Global Model of Aerosol Processes
GOML – Global Ocean Mixed Layer model
NEMO – Nucleus for European Modelling of the Ocean
CICE – Los Alamos Sea Ice model
ASTE - Arctic subpolar gyre State Estimate
ECCOv4 Estimating the Circulation and Climate of the Ocean version 4


NCAS – National Centre for Atmospheric Sciences
MO – Met Office
NOC – National Oceanography Centre
BAS – British Antarctic Survey
CPOM – Centre for Polar Observation and Modelling
CMIP6 is the 6th Climate Model Intercomparison Project, with subprojects for underpinning core simulations (DECK), historical climate simulations (“Historical”), high resolution models (HiRESMIP), Detection-Attribution (DAMIP), ocean models (OMIP) and the Decadal Climate Prediction Project (DCPP).
Please see the ACSIS proposal for explanations of the references to Work Packages (WP)


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