Drones are becoming ever more useful as measurement tools in atmospheric science. The explosion in sensor technology and microcontrollers means development of measurement systems no longer needs extensive electronics expertise. There has been a headlong rush to be the first to utilise drone platforms for a wide range of atmospheric measurements but this rush has, to the most part, been at the expense of measurement best practices and the quality of the science being done. How we make meaningful atmospheric measurements on a drone platform requires the same rigour as on a research aircraft.

This meeting, hosted by NCAS, will provide an opportunity for the community to 1) share experience and expertise and 2) determine if there is a need for a working group to focus on UAV best practice for atmospheric observations and measurement. 

Location: NCAS-Leeds, Fairbairn House, 71-75 Clarendon Road, Leeds, LS2 9PH

Time: Thursday 1st August 2019, 10:00 - 16:00

Registration: The maximum number of people for this event is 50 and preregistration is required. To register for this event please complete and submit the application form. Registration closes at 17:00 hr on Friday 28th June 2019

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