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Meetings and Events

NCAS, via its Centres, Institutes and Affiliated Universities, organises and contributes to a wide range of meetings and events concerned with atmospheric science, throughout the UK.

By holding regular meetings and events, NCAS engages on a regular basis with its key stakeholders: the academic community; operational agencies, namely the Met Office and the Environment Agency; and various Government departments; the Research Councils; the general public; the media; and commercial organisations.

Advancing netCDF-CF for the Geosciences

19-20 June 2018, University of Reading, UK

This workshop will focus on efforts to advance the Climate and Forecast (CF) metadata conventions for netCDF (netCDF-CF). The meeting is being hosted at the University of Reading by the EarthCube "Advancing netCDF-CF for Geoscience" project, which is funded by the US National Science Foundation's EarthCube program.

More information about the schedule, registration, travel and accommodation, and remote participation will be available soon.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about this workshop, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Registration for the conference is now closed. A copy of the programme can be viewed here

Mathematics of the Weather 2017 is a forum for the discussion of new numerical approaches for use in numerical forecasting, climate modelling and research into numerical modelling of the atmosphere. 

Dates: 3rd – 5th October 2017

Location: Erquy, France.

Venue: La salle “Ancre des Mots” , Erquy,11 square de l’Hôtel de Ville BP 09, 22430 Erquy (see http://www.ville-erquy.com/culture-et-patrimoine/l-ancre-des-mots/ for more information)

2017 Poster: Download Here



 MOW 2015 Delegates

Conference Overview:

In recent years interest in new numerical techniques for atmospheric modelling has increased. The use of peta and exascale computers will require methods suitable for a high degree of parallelism. Also, it still has to be shown, that refined numerical approaches will be able to improve the results of numerical forecasts and climate simulations.

Polygonal grids, such as cubed sphere or icosahedral grids, are now being investigated by many centres around the world. Polynomial spaces, in the form of continuous or discontinuous Galerkin methods, finite element, finite volume methods are being considered for operational application for NWP models.

This workshop is intended to be a forum of exchange for the application of new numerical approaches and algorithms that could be used in numerical forecasting, climate modelling and research into numerical modelling of the atmosphere. Papers are invited for new numerical approaches as well for tests of such approaches in forecast, research and climate models. Of particular interest are papers concerning the adaptation of physics routines to new numerical modeling approaches. Limitations and proposed improvements for current techniques are welcome.

The conference will have both poster and oral presentations with keynote talks from, Pierre Benard, Dale Durran, Francis Giraldo, Joe Klemp, Young Kwon, Dietar Kroener, Ionel Navon, Masaki Satoh, Bill Skamarock, Joanna Smeltzer, and others to be confirmed.

Abstract Submissions

Both poster and oral presentations will provide ample time for presentation of and discussions about current and novel mathematical and numerical research methods applied to NWP and atmospheric flow. Papers are invited from the community for new numerical approaches as well for tests of such approaches in forecast, research and climate models.

Abstract submissions are now closed


  • Submission of abstracts and registration: June 30th
  • Confirmation and decision on presentations/oral/posters: August 4th
  • Registration Fee Payment deadline: August 18th

Registration Fee and Confirmation:

Registration for the conference is now closed. A copy of the programme can be viewed here

  • Registration fee: £150 (payable on confirmation of place)
  • The registration fee includes coffee and lunch during the day and the conference wine reception and conference dinner.

Organising and Programming Committee:

Pierre Benard, Dale Durran, Alan Gadian, Francis Giraldo, Joe Klemp, Dietmar Kroener, Ionel Navon, Masaki Satoh, Bill Skamarock, Joanna Smeltzer, Jurgen Steppeler, John Thurburn, Nigel Wood


A copy of the Mathematics of Weather Workshop draft programme will be available soon here.


Conference: La Salle "L'Ancre des Mots"

Reception: 9 Rue des Gres Roses, Erquy

Conference Dinner: Logis Hôtel la Plage, 21 Boulevard de la Mer, 22430 Erquy


Travel and Transport Map


Venue Locations Map



Accommodation is not provided or arranged by the conference organisers, but a number of hotels within the area which may be suitable for conference attendees can be found below.

Hotel de la Plage

  • hotelplage-erquy.com
  • Tel : 02 96 72 30 09
  • 21 boulevard de la Mer
  • 22430 Erquy

Hotel Table de Jeanne

  • la-table-de-jeanne.com
  • Tel : 02 96 72 32 60
  • 60 rue du Port
  • 22430 Erquy

Hotel Beausejour

  • beausejour-erquy.com
  • Tel : 02 96 72 30 39
  • 21 rue de la Corniche
  • 22430 Erquy

Holiday appartements Les Bruyeres

  • lesbruyeres-erquy.com
  • Tel : 06 81 85 55 46
  • 21, route des Hôpitaux
  • Les Ruaux
  • 22430 Erquy

All above are 20 minutes walk from the conference centre

The following holiday apartments are suitable for delegates with car or a 45 minute walk:

Holiday appartements Roz Armor

  • rozarmor.com
  • Tel : 02 96 72 30 10
  • La Fosse Eyrand
  • BP 16
  • 22430 Erquy

This is spectacularly situated in the middle of nature at a beach

Holiday appartement gites du pecheur

  • gites-du-pecheur.com
  • Tel : 02 96 68 06 24 06 07 14 29 66
  • 86, rue Saint-Michel
  • 22430 Erquy

It is also possible to rent private rooms, mostly of higher standard than normal bed and breakfast:


For people with cars there are more hotels in the neighbouring villages Sable d’or and Val Andre (5-10 km from Erquy)