This guide is intended for anyone designing or working with the NCAS corporate identity. Correct and consistent use of NCAS branding across all literature and materials is essential to build recognition and familiarity with our identity.

These guidelines will help you use that identity correctly. NCAS students, staff and collaborators must display our logo on any promotional and corporate material, such as  publications, reports, presentations and websites. 

Identity Guidelines

  • Logos should not be created from scratch – please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for original logo files or download them from this website.
  • Logos should be in full colour wherever they are used on light backgrounds, but if the logo must be positioned over a strong colour then the mono-negative version should be used.
  • When a logo is positioned over a background image or pattern, a version with a transparent background should be used (also known as Alpha transparency). 
  • Please do not: alter the relationship between logotype and graphic; change corporate colours; use another typeface; abbreviate the logotype or combine the graphic in any way.
  • The NCAS logo should always appear in full, with both logotype and graphic together. For very small sizes, for example as a bullet point, use the round graphic alone.
  • Font: The corporate typeface for logos is the Gill Sans family.
  • Size: The text on the logo must be legible. The logo should not be reduced down below 2cm height

Corporate colour:  NCAS "green" has following properties:

  • The pantone colour is 3425
  • Hex value of 186f4d (rgb 24, 111, 77)
  • CMYK values are C100, M 0, Y 78, K 42


NCAS national_centre_logo
Standard NCAS Logo
Download Full Size -  image NCAS Logo gif


NCAS national_centre_logo_transparent

Transparent NCAS Logo
Download Full Size -  image Transparent NCAS Logo png

 Print-ready (Vector) Logos

These should be used for all printed works, especially large-format items such as posters.

NCAS Full Logo - EPS (for desktop publishing packages or LaTeX) or EMF (for Microsoft Office)

default NCAS Logo - EPS (31k) (30 KB)

default NCAS logo - EMF (41k) (40 KB)


NCAS swirl

NCAS Swirl Logo
Download Full Size -  image NCAS Swirl gif

Templates for NCAS Staff 

Download the latest NCAS Powerpoint templates: document Standard (1.60 MB)  or document Wide (1.60 MB) .

Download the latest NCAS Conference Poster Templates in  document Landscape A1 (289 KB)  or  document Portrait A0 (289 KB)  as Powerpoint Files.