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April 11-13 2018, University of Reading

The Unified Model training course will take place at the University of Reading from April 11-13 2018 and applications will open in January.

This course introduces the Met Office Unified Model infrastructure for UK researchers, to help new users past the initial steep learning curve usually involved with UM modelling.

The course includes a series of short lectures covering a variety of topics including:

  • An overview of the UM modelling system
  • Running UM suites
  • Using the new Rose/cylc application & workflow management system
  • Version control with FCM
  • UM data files
  • Tools & utilities for working with UM files.

Users are guided through a significant practical component, which involves setting up and running an experiment on the national HPC facility (ARCHER), as well as typical activities, such as debugging common problems.

The Met Office Unified Model is the model used for weather and climate prediction at the Met Office and also at other forecasting centres worldwide.