Observatory Description

NERC-CFARR is a large facility near the village of Chilbolton; it hosts an extensive set of ground-based remote-sensing and in-situ instruments used for atmospheric science research. The most prominent feature of the site and the historical reason for its existence is the 3 GHz Chilbolton Advanced Meteorological Radar (CAMRa) (picture) which is the largest fully steerable meteorological radar in the world. The large antenna (25m diameter) gives it an extremely narrow beam of only 0.25 degrees. The 1275 MHz ACROBAT (Advanced Clear-air Radar for Observing the Boundary layer And Troposphere) radar is also on the dish.

Other instruments operating at the site include: 35 and 94 GHz Doppler cloud radars; a Doppler lidar; a high power UV Raman lidar to measure water vapour profiles; radiometers; and meteorological instruments.

Measurements of aerosol optical depth are supplied to NASA-AERONET every day. The facility has permission to launch radiosondes, and to operate a tethered balloon up to a height of 4000ft.

In addition to the ongoing long-term research activities CFARR frequently hosts national and international field campaigns.

The Met Office have recently installed a wind profiling radar in a special compound at the facility.

Instrument Details

A range of observations and data products are available from Chilbolton.

For a full list and description of facilities goto the CFARR website


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