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The support programmes that NCAS provides to the UK atmospheric science community make up the four facilities and services, known as support programmes.

These are provided for use across the atmospheric science community (not just for NCAS science) and enable atmospheric scientists to utilise the latest technologies and techniques. The services and facilities includes a state-of-the-art atmospheric research aircraft, an extensive equipment pool of instrumentation for ground-based and airborne measurements, computational models and training, data storage and access.

Observational Facilities, comprising:

Computer & Data Facilities, comprising:

Each of the services and facilities is led by a full-time Facility Head.

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Facilities in support of Government and Industry

NCAS leads on air quality science for the Natural Hazards Partnership. The Natural Hazards Partnership (NHP) provides information, advice and analysis about natural hazards to government and emergency responders across the UK. This information is used to help prepare for and respond to natural hazards, and to develop more effective policies and communications about these hazards. The NHP focuses on natural hazards that disrupt the normal activities of UK communities or damage environmental services.

Various research centres, including the National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS), provide intelligence and expertise across the environmental sciences, which is then coordinated by the NHP.

What do NCAS contribute?

We offer advice and expertise on air pollution, developing science notes and hazard overviews that are made available through the NHP website. NCAS provide independent review of air pollution episodes as a natural hazard for the UK National Risk Assessment and support the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) in the development of the hazard description. NCAS also has relevant expertise in the areas of ash rich and effusive volcanic eruptions.

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