NCAS scientists and leading industry professionals from TSI UK will introduce you to the techniques used
and challenges faced when making aerosol measurements.

We will provide you with a theoretical understanding of aerosol properties and instrument applications, followed by hands-on experience in aerosol measurements using cutting-edge equipment in our labs.

This short course in practical aerosol science aims to deliver an introductory understanding of the challenges faced with aerosol measurements. Sampling ambient particles can be extremely challenging and answering a simple question like 'how big is the particle' depends on what instrument was used to measure it. The course will be split between lectures on the theory and application of aerosol measurements and techniques and practical, hands on demonstrations in a laboratory. The goal of the course is to provide a theoretical understanding of aerosol properties, examples of how these properties are measured and hands on experience in aerosol measurements.

The course is run over 2.5 days. The first day consists of lectures on fundamental aerosol science and provides the background needed for the subsequent talks. Also included are topics on the impact of ambient aerosol. The remaining days are split between lectures in the morning and practical sessions in the afternoon. In addition to the standard lectures, two plenary sessions are being presented by two leading UK researchers. 

  pdf Preliminary Timetable (439 KB)

Attendees at the 2018 Practical Aerosol Science course described the course as "an excellent mix of theoretical and practical learning", "very enjoyable and information" and said they "gained a lot from the course that is useful now, and will continue to be." All twenty participants who left feedback said the course delivered what they expected.

The course is open to anyone wanting to gain an understanding in aerosol science and measurement. The course will be hosted by the University of Manchester in collaboration with TSI Instruments Ltd.

The next Practical Aerosol Science course will be held in 2021. 

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