From 2009 to 2013 NCAS managed the allocation of bursaries for students to attend the European Research Course on Atmospheres (ERCA). These bursaries were available for NERC funded PhD students to attend ERCA in Grenoble, France.

The funding for these bursaries was directly from NERC, unfortunately this provision will not continue after the 2013 course and so we cannot provide any bursarys.

The ERCA has been running for 20 years and has benefited over 1000 participants. This 5 week course combines lectures, institutional visits and practicals in Grenoble and at the astronomical observatory of Haute-Provence. It is a high level international course on the Physics and Chemistry of the Earth's atmosphere, the climate system and climate change, atmospheric pollution at different scales and the human dimensions of environmental changes.

The 2013 course runs from 7th January to 8th February 2013 and more information is available on the ERCA website: http://erca-school.eu/.

The course also covers other planets, satellites and objects of the solar system and beyond. It is designed as a multidisciplinary course with a wide diversity of subject matter. It provides an excellent opportunity for the participants to broaden their scientific horizons. The course also provides the ideal setting to interact and discuss research with lecturers who are leaders in their respective fields.