DIAMET is an atmospheric sciences research project involving University groups from Manchester, Leeds, Reading and East Anglia, in partnership with the Met Office.

The Diamet Project aims to improve the accuracy of weather forecasts by

  • Improving our understanding of diabatic processes within the atmosphere and the effects on storm development
  • Improving the representation of these processes in numerical weather prediction systems
  • Improving the forecasting of localised regions of severe weather within larger-scale storm systems

This major research project on storms also presents opportunities to engage school pupils with concepts like latent heat, change of state and the particle model using atmospheric science and current scientific research as the context. The project's Impact Plan has involved the production of 2 educational videos about weather forecasting and the DIAMET Project. These videos are available to view and download from this webpage.

The table below provides links to a variety of resources and activities suitable for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 science. The resources all make use of Diamet research, weather forecasting and our atmosphere as engaging contexts for learning.

There is also an opportunity for pupils to plot some of the DIAMET data and draw conclusions about atmospheric conditions. This could be used as part of an interdisciplinary learning project between science, ICT, geography and mathematics.

Topic Information for Pupils (webpage) Activities (download)
Change of State Diamet and Change of State document  The Cloud in a Jar Challenge (66.5 kB)
document  The Particle Kinetics Challenge (62 kB)
Latent Heat Diamet and Latent Heat document  The Melting Ice Experiment (63 kB)
document  The Release of Latent Heat (75 kB)
document  The Latent Heat Quiz (65.5 kB)
Electromagnetic Spectrum Diamet and the EM Spectrum document  The EM Spectrum Factsheet (70 kB)
document  The EM Spectrum and Weather Challenge (105 kB)
Diamet Data Diamet Data Handling spreadsheet  DIAMET data sets (15.74 kB)
document  DIAMET Data Plotting Activity (103 kB)
document  Wind Comparison Graph - for Teachers (71.68 kB)
document  Temperature Graphs for Teachers (17.24 kB)
document  DIAMET Data - For Teachers (286 kB)

archive  DIAMET Teachers Pack (3.75 MB)  - Download a zip file of all these resources including copies of the information for pupils webpages.