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ACSIS The North Atlantic Climate System: Integrated observationS, attribution and prediction

ACSIS will utilise sustained in situ ocean data collection of the very highest quality, produced by world leading scientists and quality controlled to the highest international standards. ACSIS will utilise these data to deliver new products such as ocean heat budgets that the community can use now and into the future.

The following table lists the key ocean variables that will be made available to ACSIS. ACSIS will include at least one leading scientist from each of the three observational programs listed in the table below.

Key ocean variables used in ACSIS.

Variables Source Time period Comments
Meridional Overturning Circulation and Heat Transport


2004-2020 Including Ekman, Florida Strait and Mid Ocean components
Subpolar gyre overturning and heat transport


2015-2020 In depth and density space including error estimates
0-2000m heat content



2006-2020 Optimally interpolated in density space, cross-checked against EN3 and satellite altimetry