Field Measurement Course Overall Learning Outcomes

To equip students with the skills and knowledge to be able to

  1. Effectively participate in field work projects - including how to manage time, resources and expectations;
  2. Design and execute their own field work experiments;
  3. Collect appropriate data and supporting meta-data;
  4. Analyse data and understand the appropriate errors;
  5. Work effectively in a team.

The timetable below provides a general overview of the structure of the course and details of the Learning Outcomes of the planned activities.

Morning      Introduction to Project Activity Weather Lecture and Forecast
  Fieldwork activity Goat Fell Walk

Activity Circuit

Composition: Aerosol

Composition: Chemistry

Data Logging

Surface Layer Dynamics

Final talk preparation Depart
Introduction to Basic Errors Introduction to Atmospheric Errors        
Radiosonde Launch Final talks

Introduction to the course.


Introduction to Weather Forecasting Radiosonde Activity Free time/pack up
Introduction to Handheld Met Equipment
Introduction to Communications Activity
Evening Welcome activity Data management workshop Data management workshop   Student talks and weather forecasts Course Dinner
Welcome Drinks Free time Free time   Free time



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