SO1. Very high resolution nested, multiphase flow numerical model of a volcanic plume, based on the WRF weather prediction model.

SO2. Mechanisms for development of observed layered structure of ash plumes.

SO3. Fluid dynamical understanding of the buoyancy effects in ash intrusions.

SO4. Aerosol model for volcanic plumes including detailed physics/chemistry parametrisations to allow forecasts for volcanic gases to be made.

SO5. Develop and refine satellite retrieval algorithms for volcanic ash and trace gases suitable for assimilation into dispersion models.

SO6. Complete analysis of existing Eyjafjallajökull observational data (ground-based & airborne from the UK) and to use this to prepare for future measurements.

SO7. Carry out future observations of volcanic plumes in and around Iceland.

SO8. Combine the computational fluid dynamics, aerosol modelling and chemistry modelling into an integrated modelling system for the near source region.

SO9. Comparisons between model and observations.