Organisational objectives
OO1. Thorough analysis and interpretation of existing Eyjafjallajökull atmospheric data from the April/May eruption
OO2. Make necessary preparations to enable future observations to start immediately if the opportunity arises
OO3. Provide assessment of the needs and requirements of future in-depth research
OO4. Coordinate the work with existing activity (e.g. NERC urgency projects) and project partners
OO5. Carry out a field programme of atmospheric measurements should the opportunity arise

Impact objectives
IO1. Assist the Icelandic Meteorological Office in building capacity for future volcanic observations (IMO, Met Office, NCAS and BGS MoU)
IO2. Feed into the continued development of the UK Met Office's volcanic ash dispersion forecasting and other international developments
IO3. Tailor our research to address the Met Office requirements for development of algorithms for operational data assimilation schemes