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ACSIS The North Atlantic Climate System: Integrated observationS, attribution and prediction

The North Atlantic Climate System Integrated Study:ACSIS

Major changes are occurring across the North Atlantic (NA) climate system: in ocean and atmosphere temperatures and circulation, in sea ice thickness and extent, and in key atmospheric constituents such as ozone, methane and aerosols. Many observed changes are unprecedented in instrumental records. Changes in the NA directly affect the UK’s climate, weather and air quality, with major economic impacts on agriculture, fisheries, water, energy, transport and health.  The NA also has global importance, since changes here drive changes in climate, hazardous weather and air quality further afield, such as in North America, Africa and Asia.

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ACSIS has been fully funded for five years (2016-2021) through NERC's Long Term Science commissioning, which aims to encourage its research centres to work closely together to tackle major scientific and societal challenges. ACSIS is one of the projects funded through this new way of allocating national capability funding, designed to enable more ambitious science than any single research organisation could provide.

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NCAS Director for Climate, Professor Rowan Sutton, said:

"This is a great opportunity for Centres to work together to address some of the biggest challenges in environmental science. In leading ACSIS and UKESM, NCAS is playing a central role in delivering the LTSM vision. Both are exciting, world-leading, research programmes that bring together a wide range of expertise and capabilities across NERC's Centres.

These programmes will deliver scientific advances in understanding complex changes in the North Atlantic climate system, and in simulating the global Earth System including biogeochemical cycles and their interactions with climate. By providing, new observations and data products, observation opportunities, models, and simulations, ACSIS and UKESM will also enable a wide range of equally world-leading research by the wider NERC community."

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