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NERC has been reviewing its Services and Facilities (S&F) portfolio in order to meet its Delivery Plan commitment to increase the efficiency of its scientific services and facilities by concentrating them, where appropriate, in regional or national Centres of Excellence.
In 2017 NERC Council agreed to the transformation of the S&F portfolio and asked the NERC Executive to develop a plan for each S&F. This was based on advice from an independent expert group which was set up to assess future requirements for the S&F portfolio, evidence from the 2016 S&F evaluation, and input from a community consultation.
Maintaining the UK’s world-class atmospheric measurement capability remains a high priority for NERC. In order to retain this world-class National Capability for the UK atmospheric community NERC will commission a single integrated Atmospheric Measurement Facility, to be delivered under the leadership of NCAS.
The existing Atmospheric Measurement Facility (AMF) will be commissioned by NERC commencing on 1 April 2018.
As a consequence of this commissioning AMF will now appear on the JeS form and will be making changes to how AMF is accessed and how this access is costed and charged. AMF is currently in discussion with NERC concerning the details of these changes and until they have been finalised access to AMF will follow the current procedures.
This page will be updated as and when the new AMF access and costing arrangements are agreed and implementation timelines emerge. Full details of the new access and costing structure will also be made available through the AMF website at this time.

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