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This November, over 7,000 members of the public were immersed into a world of thrilling environmental science presented by the Natural Environment Research Council at Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh. The free-to-attend event, UnEarthed, attracted large crowds and visitors praised the variety and quality of the interactive exhibits. The science showcase was open for four days between 17th and 20th November, with two days allocated to school groups and two for the general public. Over 30 science teams travelled from all over the country, bringing all kinds of inspiring and hands-on displays to exhibit. Visitors could come face-to-face with aquatic invasive species, take an infra-red selfie, and see how earthquakes are detected.



The National Centre for Atmospheric Science were proud to present the story of Operation Weather Rescue, our exciting public-powered science project that has seen over 2 million pieces of lost weather data being digitsed by over 3,600 volunteers. The weather data was recorded over 100 years ago by three Scottish meteorologists who lived on the summit of Ben Nevis for 20 years, taking measurements every hour of the day and night. Visitors to UnEarthed were encouraged to make their own weather-watching instruments at our stand, and then take their instruments home to see how they could measure the changing weather. Members of the public also enjoyed making their own cloud in a bottle using just an empty plastic bottle and a bicycle pump!