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22 NERC funded students and supervisors are visiting the Atmospheric Pollution and Human Health in a Chinese Megacity (APHH) research project in Beijing this June.

Students will spend six days taking part in activities organised by NCAS including visits to fieldwork sites, attending the third APHH meeting, and seeing the Great Wall. You can keep up to date with the trip by following student blog posts on our website, where students will share their experiences day-by-day.

The trip is an opportunity for students to experience a large-scale fieldwork campaign, and see how researchers from across the globe are working together to find out more about China's growing air quality crisis. Over 20 million people live in Beijing and urban air pollution is a serious threat to public health. In fact, those living in industrialised megacities such as Beijing are at a higher risk of cancer, heart and lung conditions, and ultimately premature death.

As populations increase across the globe we can expect to see more megacities like Beijing, posing a new set of challenges for environmental researchers. The APHH programme is a joint enterprise between UK and China scientists that hopes to find out more about how these challenges can be overcome. There are five four-year projects which started in January 2016 with a total of £5.5 million backing from the UK.