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Professor Dwayne Heard from the University of Leeds has won the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Environment Prize for 2017. Dwayne has been recognised for his outstanding contributions to understanding the chemistry of the earth's atmosphere. 

Dwayne and his team have developed laser-based field instruments to measure free-radicals in the atmosphere, and deployed instruments in over 25 campaigns in places like Antartica, Borneo and Cape Verde.

As part of Dwayne's research, both ground-based mobile laboratories (part of the NCAS Atmospheric Measurement Facility) and NERC's FAAM BAe-146 research aircraft are used across the globe to measure hydroxyl radical (OH), hydroperoxy radical (HO2) and iodine oxide radical (IO). His work is supported by the National Centre for Atmospheric Science and involves collaborations across the School of Chemistry and the School of Environment at the University of Leeds, as well as widely with NCAS scientists across the UK.

The RSC awards celebrate scientists who have excelled in their field and helped to advance chemical sciences. Winners are selected from across the breadth of chemical science, and all over the world. Chief executive Robert Parker says:

“It is an honour to celebrate the innovation and expertise of our community through our prizes and awards.

We know that chemistry can be a powerful force for good, and quality research and communication of that research are more important than ever before."