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Jonathan GregoryJonathan Gregory has been elected as a fellow of the Royal Society. Jonathan is a climate scientist for the National Centre for Atmospheric Science and is based at the University of Reading. A Royal Society fellowship recognises scientists who have made outstanding contributions to science, and become pioneers in their field. 

Jonathan's research looks at large-scale multi-decedal physcial processes of change in the climate system, and uses three-dimensional global models and observational evidence. He has made significant contributions to refining the concept and the evaluation of climate sensitivity (the magnitude of warming caused by increases in greenhouse gases), and to the projection of future sea-level change from ocean warming, ocean circulation change, and loss of ice on land (glaciers and ice-sheets).

He was a lead author of the last three Assessment Reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. He is one of the leaders of the World Climate Research Programme's Grand Challenge on sea-level change.

Jonathan is one of 50 leading scientists who have been elected, two of whom are climate scientists. Venki Ramakrishnan, President of the Royal Society, says: “Science is a great triumph of human achievement and has contributed hugely to the prosperity and health of our world. In the coming decades it will play an increasingly crucial role in tackling the great challenges of our time including food, energy, health and the environment. The new Fellows of the Royal Society have already contributed much to science and it gives me great pleasure to welcome them into our ranks.”

We would also like to congratulate Professor Gabi Hegerl and Professor Roy Harrison on their election to FRS, both work closely with NCAS.